Defined Deadlines: Meeting deadlines is the benchmark of strategies at Matis. Operations should be completed on time to eliminate the possibility of revenues loss in businesses. Financial loss is the biggest de-motivator in the business process. Therefore meeting deadlines and delivering projects on or before time becomes quintessential at Matis.

Sound Technology: A sound technology is the backbone of any business process. We ensure that our technical backup matches the best in the industry. Our Recruiters are amongst the best in the industry.

Work Culture: ‘Harmonized workforce’ and ‘mutual help’ best defines the work culture at Matis. Productivity is best when co-workers have sublime faith and complete trust amongst each other. We planted and nourished this very culture at Team HR. This is the single most factors behind our long list of our happy clients.

Generating Effective Results: It is the result that matters most in the end. And we take pride in declaring that we have generated 100% results in finding manpower or maintaining processes for our clients

Our Success Mantras

  • We concentrate on limited Clients and have deeper penetration across all levels by sufficing them with respective account managers.
  • Matis strictly adheres to all SOP Procedures and Process designed as per our client’s requirements.
  • The company provides robust training and knowledge sharing to all its employees.
  • Matis has domain expertise in a few high skill verticals through specialist recruiters.

Our Approach

  • We are proud and passionate about our business and its success.
  • We source high calibre customer-focused professionals who add efficiency, zest and profit to our clients’ brand.
  • We are strong relationship builders and we deliver the same level of service to everybody who interacts with us.
  • The core values of Matis are honesty, commitment, effective communication and delivery.
  • Matis is focused on offering great career opportunities for candidates and delivering the best fit for our clients. Our suppliers also share our passion.
  • We possess an innovative and ‘fresh-faced’ attitude to recruitment. A dynamic business, with resourcing experience.

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